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To ensure credibility and repetitiveness of TOFD ultrasonic test results, the set of twoway probes is accompanied by software-coupled encoders. Given the probe movement maximum speed is 30 mm/s, in a reasonably short period of time we can detect indications coming from inner weld inconsistencies and indicate their very precise location. The simultaneous analysis of the weld's longitudinal section imaging that follows a prior computer input of recipient criteria submitted by the customer, enables an online indications assessment during the test.

The customer receives a written post-test report containing:

  • Test parameters;

  • Information on location, geometry and character of discontinuities detected in the form of maps or A-, B- or C-scans, depending on individual requirements

  • The data accumulated can be reported back in the form of Word or Excel files as well as exported directly to an Access database which  significantly simplifies the monitoring of material state or the quality of welded joints

  • Indications assessment. A quick, reliable and thorough analysis of welded joints quality directly after the end of the test allows the customer to make appropriate decisions as regards further operation of the device examined

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