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Numerical analysis (FEM)

A precise assessment of level and character of loads is often necessary for technical state assessment, selection of materials, damage causes identification as well as repair and modification proposals. The loads result from the work conditions - thermal and mechanical loads, flows, environment etc.

To assess the level of loads we use numerical methods, including mostly finite element method (FEM). We perform numerical analyses both as independent services as well as a part of a more complex assignment.

Such calculations may refer to both static and dynamic issues where an important role is played by e.g. the speed of load changes and contact issues – friction and media flows. We also use numerical analyses to determine damage and degradation causes. Typical analyses refer to the following:

  • analysis of stress and deformation state to determine critical areas

  • shape optimalisation to decrease construction strain

  • analysis of damage reasons and their influence on further operation

  • flow modelling

The system also enables to scan large surfaces of material with ultrasonic beam which significantly shortens test duration and gives a possibility of simple and quick preparation of thickness maps.

Thermomechanical analysis
FEM modelling

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