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Visual testing

We carry out direct and indirect visual examination throughout all stages of manufacture and operation of a given product. We carry out VT examination according to the guidelines of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, including in the following industry sectors:

  • refining

  • petrochemical

  • chemical

  • air

  • energy

  • gas

  • steel

  • construction

  • machinery

  • transport

VT tests detect:

  • discontinuity products

  • discontinuity surface

  • operation defects

  • any incompatibility of products with specified requirements

We examine the following materials:

  • metals and metal alloys

  • plastics

  • ceramics

  • composites

Our staff has the qualifications specified in the ISO 9712 and PN EN 13018:2004 standards. More complicated examinations are carried out by staff with Level 2 certificates in visual testing.

Please see examples of operational damages below:

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