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Magnetic testing

Magnetic Particles Testing is the primary NDT method. These tests are used to detect the discontinuity of materials that emerges on the surface and subsurface of the item examined. The examination is limited because of the ability to conduct tests only on ferromagnetic elements. The scope of discontinuities detected by magnetic particles includes: lapping, fatigue and corrosion cracks, delamination located superficially and shallowly in the material as well as a a number of welding defects. Depending on the size and nature of discontinuities, we use fluorescent and coloured methods. To ensure high sensitivity and discontinuities detection, we use aerosol penetration sets for examinations. Magnetic tests are performed stationary in our laboratory as well as during fieldwork directly on the specified object. Magnetic tests are carried out by staff with Level 2 PT certificates according to ISO 9712 standard and the 97/23/WE EU Directive.

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