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Portable hardness testing

During the operation of industrial installations the structure of constructive materials is subject to degradation because of temperature, stress and work environment. The degradation worsens the resistance properties of the material and limits the safe operating period of machines, devices and construction components. Providing quick information on the condition of a material, hardness testing is one of the most commonly used methods of testing mechanical properties and the proper course of heat treatment and plastic working in metal welds.

The Krautkramer MIC 10, MIC 20 and Through Intender Viewing (TIV) portable devices for hardness testing allow to carry out measurements directly on objects examined without the need to destroy them by cutting out samples for measurement. Such measurement lasts very shortly and leaves only a minimal indentation on the surface.

Contrary to the traditional Vickers hardness test which measures indentation optically, MIC 10 does it electronically by way of Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI).

On the other hand, MIC 20 enables to carry out measurements both using UCI like MIC 10 and by means of a dynamic method of steel ball rebound.

Finally, the TIV has an optical circuit built into the measurement probe and indentation size is measured optically on the screen.

Hardness testing with portable devices

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