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Industrial installations operating control program, risk analysis

Because of its work parameters, every installation is a potential threat to staff health and the environment. Bearing in mind staff's moral, legal and material responsibility for company's property and the environment, every company should devise and implement an Operating Control Programme. Such programme envisages regular tests of installations without the need for an internal revision.

The scope of research works included in the programme prepared is directed on tests of a given installation with an aim to prevent potential breakdowns and achieve an optimally long operating period. The above-mentioned goal can be achieved through a regular control of the state of the material and welded joints. In the preliminary stage, the company analyses the possibility of devising an Operating Control Programme using non-destructive tests to assess the devices' material and the state of welded joints.

The following scope of activities is accepted while drawing up detailed parts of such programme:

  1. Work parameter analysis of selected installation components

  2. Selection and juxtaposition of installation components within the programme.

  3. General object description.

  4. Description of components within the programme.

  5. Operating conditions of an object.

  6. Juxtaposition of current control tests.

  7. EU regulations and recommendations for Operating Control Programme

  8. Polish regulations

  9. Operating Control Programme Strategy

  10. General rules of test conduct.

  11. Methodical instructions.

  12. Executive instructions

  13. Calendar

Operating Control Programme consists of research procedures that provide an alternative (equal) method of testing devices that fall under the programme. The programme and its appendices constitute an integral whole protected by copyright.

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