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Materials structure research

The objective of micro-examination is to reveal the micro-structure of materials and defects invisible to the naked eye. They allow to distinguish structural elements, determine their morphology, quantity, distribution and dimensions or coating thickness. Furthermore, they are helpful to determine the current status of the material - its degradation and suitability for further operation. Micro-examination also enables to assess the accuracy of thermo-chemical heat treatment of construction components.

Metallographic examination methods can be divided as follows:

• stationary (laboratory sampling)

• portable (PLM - Portable Light Microscopy, components examination directly at customer's site).

Both methods rely on grinding and polishing the surface chosen in order to obtain the micro-section. The micro-section can be then etched and subjected to microscopic observation after the micro-structure of the material has been obtained.

Our laboratory is able to examine all polycrystalline materials as well as the joints between them (welds, surface layers etc.) We also carry out examinations of ceramics, polymers and various composites.

Ferritic – pearlitic microstructure, steel grade St52-3
Microstructure of CuSn6 alloy - single-phase structure with visible twins
Microstructure of heat affected zone, weld, TiAl4 alloy
Microstructure of Mg-Al alloy

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